Mar 10, 2008

My finger hurts!

Ok my day sucked! lol I spent the day trying not to use my hand too much. I think I need to go to the ER and have X-ray's done. My middle finger on my right hand hurts a lot (no I haven't been flipping the bird) lol. I thought maybe arthritus and then corpaltunel, but now I am thinking maybe I just sprained it. I wish the pain would go away. lol Feels funny not being able to use that finger to do things with.

I wanted to add a layout to my mylot page and that was a waist of time. lol Can't figure out how to keep the transparent sections transparent. I did however make a playlist for mylot and it wouldn't take, so I put it here. I hope you like it. I tried to do 80's music. I loved that music then. I have 16 songs listed now and it does shuffle around on the list.

Added some friends blogs links, please visit them I know they would appreciate it :)

I have other things to do to the blog, but I think I will wait until tomorrow or later to do them.


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