Mar 7, 2008

About Sandra

Hi, My name is Sandra, I am a 44 year old Louisianaian. I was born and raised in New Orleans and I moved to Kenner in May of 1993. No regrets in doing that although I love my hometown, Kenner is a much better environment.

I am a newlywed. I got married on 5/22/09 to my long term common law husband of 26 yrs. We have a daughter 26 yrs old, who has been engaged since (7/17/08). She is a day care worker, she adores kids. We also have Duke, our dog, he's 15 yrs old and a handful sometimes. lol His Bday is 11-20-1993.

I'm a WAHM who looks for every opportunity to make legitimate $$ online.

I occasionally sell on eBay. I use to sell a lot, but with all the changes that took place within the last year, I quit. Too many rules to keep track of and it wasn't fun anymore.

I also do other various things online to make money.

I also have 3 other blogs.

  • Get the daily scoop on grocery deals, coupons, freebies and more.
  • CyberCashPlus posted here is everything I do to make extra money online including proof of payments.
  • Then there's my frugal blog that is off to a slow start
    A Frugal Life
    Teaching you to spend less to live more!

    Thanks for stopping by. Please leave your opinions, comments and tips!! All are greatly appreciated, so please leave them.

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