Feb 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints Win First SUPERBOWL!!!


"It was the 44th Superbowl, Obama is the 44th President ,there are 44 days from Christmas to the Super Bowl , Super Bowl Sunday was 4 years and 4 months since Katrina, The Saints won the championship game in 4 minutes and 44 seconds in overtime .........they became SUPERBOWL CHAMPS with 44 seconds left in the game! WHO DAT!!"

Man oh man our house was very loud last night! lol In the first quarter, my daughter and I were sitting on the sofa praying for Hartley's kick to go straight through the uprights! We needed the score to be 6 & 0 in order to win that quarter's superbowl pool and we did, we get to split $250! When the ball made it through we were jumping up and down yelling and hugging! lol

After that, we were happy and just wanted the Saints to step up and win and they did! My daughter & I was yelling "RUN" and I nearly lost my voice, my husband was yelling "I think we just won the SUPERBOWL!", when Porter intercepted the ball and ran it back 70 yds for the touchdown that gave us the overall lead and eventually the WIN!

My husband is in the did we actually win, I can't believe we are superbowl champs phase and I just smile and "say yep we sure are"! I had NO doubt we'd win!

Congratulations to the New Orleans SAINTS in making history all year, making history in the superbowl and may they continue to do so for years to come!!! Congratulations on their Superbowl victory and may there be more in the future!

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