Nov 2, 2009

What Do You Do WIth A Broken Heart?

As all my readers know I lost my dog Duke on August 13th. I can't say our time apart has been easy, because it hasn't. Loosing him was just like loosing any family member I have lost. He was like my son.

My daughter called me last week and told me that one of the ladies (mom of a child she watches) at the daycare asked if she knew of anyone who wanted a puppy (Chow/Lab mixed like Duke), she has 8 all together to give away. My daughter thought of me and I talked with my husband about it and he said he'd think about it.

Well, I thought since he said he needed more time, he was considering it and was going to say yes, especially since he told me on Friday he was leaning towards NO, but could easily change his mind to yes. What a LEAD ON!

Today at lunch he told me he doesn't want a puppy. He doesn't want the hassle of training it. He doesn't want this or that! Never mind about ME and what I want! I understand that he is greiving too, but he doesn't seem to understand me and how I feel. He said we'd get one after the holidays, but that isn't good enough to me. This is a pup in Duke's breed and I want it!

I need a distraction, I need another animal to get my mind from thinking about Duke all the time! Dukes birthday is on the 20th of November and then there's Christmas and I really don't want to see the holidays. I don't want to go thru out Christmas stuff, I don't want to see Duke's ornament and stocking......It's going to be too hard!

What do you do with a broken heart? How do you get over it?

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