Dec 13, 2008

Creative Hearts and Minds Swap/Exchange Group (I own it)

Creative Hearts and Minds Swap/Exchange Group

Do you love kitchen towels, Chocolate and/or Coffee? Do you like to have a place to chat with friends, vent about your day, etc? If you answered YES, then this is the best group for you!

We are a group of women who enjoy giving and receiving special gifts all year.

We do monthly swaps which consists of Kitchen Towel Exchange, Chocolate Lovers, Coffee Friends, and sometimes a swap that will be voted on (funny socks, different colors, etc.)to add a little more fun. You can join all or just 1 of them.

There is a $3.00 minimum as to the gift (only exception is the kitchen towel).

We will be doing holiday gifts through out the year. These include Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All members are required to enter their info in the database. You do not have to participate in every exchange. Just let us know if you are not going to be participating so we can put you on hold. You can sit out as long as we are notified monthly.

You can buy your items at ANY Store that you want to!! Even Dollar Stores like The Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Big Lots. As long as they do not look cheap!

All gifts must reach your partner by the 25th of the month. You must purchase a Delivery Confirmation# when shipping and enter it in the database after sending your gift.

So if you love giving and receiving gifts and are ready to have some fun, come on in! And bring a friend! :)

Grouply email addresses will not be allowed.

You may list your business(es) in the links section. If you have more then 5 please put in your top 5 only.

Please let us know how you heard of the group so it's easier to approve you.

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