Oct 1, 2008

OMG My Digital Cable Is BACK!

The tech they sent this time knew exactly what he was doing!
YAY!! lol

There was nothing wrong with the signal from the pole. There was nothing wrong with the coaxial cable outside my home or inside. It was the BOX!

I went to the office to swap out my box on the 22nd and they gave me another DEAD BOX!

The tech that came out today, hooked up a new cable from the pole and brought it inside my house and hooked it up to the box and told me it was a dead box! lol He had another box in his truck. Brought it in hooked it up and viola! TV!!

The tech couldn't believe that he was the 4th one and NONE of them would tell me exactly what the heck was wrong just the box and that the boxes weren't working! lol

He said he couldn't leave a client without working services, that's just crazy. lol I agreed.

Now I called cable and got the rest of my credits. YAY!! They credited me $25 on the 19th and today they credited me with $16.32, so that means I have a whole credit of $41.32 which is my internet service payment! LOL

Awwwww I just love getting something for free.......would have loved it even better if it were without all the aggravation.

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