Aug 29, 2008

Evacuating for Hurricane Gustav

Wouldn't you know we would have the worse luck!

We had a huge electric bill to pay ($345) and if we didn't pay it, we'd be cut off on Thursday (we had an extension til 8/27). Now I find out that this hurricane is aiming directly at us! All the computer modules are aiming at us!

At last check 10 am and Noon news has it coming directly for South East Louisiana, that's us. Everyone will be under a mandatory evacuation as of Sunday unless something changes.

We are leaving with my sister Sunday morning if we need to. We are headed to Texas. My daughter is headed to Mississippi and I don't like it, but pray she'll be ok.

I have set up a donation button above in case anyone would like to donate funds to us. We only have $120 left out of hubby's check and well, we have to help with gas and $120 isn't going to go far unfortunately with the price of gas.

Red Cross isn't going to help with money unless this is a long drawn out thing like it was for Katrina and there are no places here that will give money.

We are in a voluntary evacuation right now, by Sunday it will be mandatory.

Pray for us and our city/town/state. Katrina broke our levees, but she wasn't a direct hit on us, this may be the one to destroy us who knows.

I'll post when we get to Texas or if we are staying so everyone knows what is going on.


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